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My name is Eloise Pascal, and I'm an ex-binge eater.


My life consisted of constant diets only to end in late-night pantry binges. If I wasn't thinking about food, I was eating it. All I wanted was to eat like a 'normal' person… But having failed so many times I felt hopeless and like I might never be at peace with food. Exhausted and feeling stuck, the binging continued to exacerbate as the years passed...


I reached rock bottom when I gained a whopping 60kgs in under 6-months. This was the tipping point where I realised the binge eating had to be dealt with once and for all.


I'm now completely recovered and it's become my mission to help other women get a taste of what life can be like beyond binge eating.


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My clients have a 100% recovery success rate thanks to my signature framework for binge eating recovery...

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Binge Eating Myths Busted.

"People who binge eat are just lazy and don’t want to stop..."


What a myth! Overcoming Binge Eating Disorder is not about learning more discipline or self-control. Binge eating is a real eating disorder that is more common than any other eating disorder.


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