I initially started blogging to share my weight loss journey after gaining a WHOPPING 60kgs/135lbs in less than ONE YEAR.


Now my blog has become so much more than that. I now use this platform to share my journey to finding happiness, regardless of my history of depression and trauma.

I have also transformed into a public speaker and coach. I am extremely passionate about helping women who feel like they can never quite find happiness, achieve joy and fulfillment in their life.


A little more about my history... I'm an Australian who was born and raised in the suburbs of Perth by my traditional Italian 'Nonna'. She was a traditional woman, so let's just say I wasn't sent to school with vegemite sandwiches like the other kids.


Some of my favorite topics to speak about are mental health, personal development, body positivity and confidence.


Outside of my blog, I am a passionate, driven, energetic, outgoing and hungry-to-taste-the-world kinda girl. I have huge hopes a dreams. Wanting to have a gap year in Italy, and planning to start a charity aimed at supporting at-risk youth are just some of the things on the top of my bucket list.


Other than running multiple businesses as an entreprenuer, some of my very many interests include travel. I love to travel the world, and am multi-lingual! Another favorite for me is playing sport, because who would want to do boring AF exercise when you can turn it into a game?!


Follow me on my journey to happiness and success, and if I can give any inspiration, tips or useful advice along the way, I'll be bursting with happiness from the inside out! From personal experience, social support is such an important part of life and mental health, so, by all means, don't be afraid to send me a message ANY TIME!

Ella out <3