Client Praise

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My clients have a 100% recovery success rate thanks to my unique approach to 

overcoming binge eating. Overeating and emotional eating can take their toll, and I am here

to help women recover and adapt to a mindful eating lifestyle.

- Jess, Perth

All I can say is … THANK YOU! Thank you for believing in me and changing my life. I have been a binge eater as long as I can remember, as early as 15 years old – that’s nearly 12 years! And in the 10 weeks we worked together, you managed to stop 12 years of unhealthy eating habits and I have never felt better.
I would binge every week, if not more than once a week, and within 3 weeks of coaching with you I had stopped. 10 weeks on and I can’t remember the last time I had an episode! That is insane! I honestly never thought I would get to this point.
I know there will be times where I will slip up and have an episode but thanks to you I now have all the tools I need to get back on track and not beat myself up for it. I love embracing my new life as Jess 2.0 – I have a long way to go but because of you I have already achieved so much and I know that I can continue to achieve so much more! I am achieving food freedom, I now eat foods I want to eat and limit what most people classify as “bad” foods only based on if I feel like them, not out of guilt or not “needing” it.
I no longer eat something and feel disgusted with myself or hate myself for eating a little bit too much, I no longer think “f*ck it, I’m already fat so why not keep stuffing my face?” – now I stop when I’m satisfied. Of all the things I accomplished from working with you, that is the thing I am most proud of! I cannot thank you enough for giving me back my life. Love, Jess xx

- Maggie Knight, Brisbane

"I can't thank you enough for sharing your formula. I've stopped binge eating and I have also started losing weight without trying which is crazy to me. My life has improved in other areas too just like you said it would.
I go clothes shopping with ease, I'm at peace with food, I feel more clear in my mind, and I even have a boyfriend for the first time ever. Looking back I can't believe how much the binging was ruining my life and bringing me down. I am so much happier now." 

- Kayla Stinhart, Perth

"I quit binge eating in only a few weeks. After 20 years of doing it I thought it was impossible, but boy was I wrong!! I would encourage anybody struggling with binging to learn this formula!
I always felt like such a fraud working in the fitness industry only to go home and binge eat… Now I eat like a normal person and feel fantastic!" 


Sheila Alves, Netherlands