I've stopped letting my body hold me back from living the life I wanted.

I used to absolutely despise my body.⁣

I was extremely critical and disgusted by everything about it.⁣

The thoughts in my head were worse than a bullies.⁣

But a few years ago it hit me… This is not the person I want to be.⁣

I want to be someone who is in love with themselves, and their body.⁣

Someone who lives their life to the max, even if I don't look like a model.⁣

For so long I had held myself back because of my body. I didn't want to go out, or buy cute clothes, or wear short, and especially not wear bathers. ⁣

Once I realised how much hating my body was impacting my life I decided to make some big changes.⁣

I knew that if I ever wanted to love my body, it had to be now, not "later when I lose weight".⁣

Since making this decision, I have left comfort zones that I never even thought were possible. ⁣

The amount of comfort and love I have with my body now is much more than I ever anticipated to have.⁣

I never ever thought I would be confident in a bikini especially as a plus size girl. Heck, even when I was very thin, I would have never been caught dead in a bikini.⁣

It took years of learning and understanding but I'm proud to say I am now truly in love with my body, and all the things I saw as 'flaws' before and now just 'me'.⁣