Magic Moments at Health Freak Cafe

Recently, I headed up to Health Freak Joondalup to check out their new menu.

My gosh…. It was so hard to choose something off of that glorious menu.

I wanted to try it all!

Should I go for the Paelo Nasi Goreng?

Or maybe I could try out a keto burger?

Thai beef salad even?

All of these options were under 500 calories, and made with fresh, high-quality, and filling ingredients!

Decisions, decisions.

I (eventually) ended up going with the 'Mexican Nacho Bowl'.

With less than 350 calories, it looked like a light and tasty option. I mean, sour cream, tortilla chips and avocado were listed in the ingredients. Seriously, who in their RIGHT MIND would say no to that?!

As I made my way to the counter to make my order, I was quickly taken into the dream land that is their dessert fridge.

Oh man.

I should have gotten a photo of this so I could share! I guess I was too mesmerised by the 'Blue Magic Vanilla Cake', which I of course just HAD to add to my order and try out!

Upon placing my order for the Nacho bowl and Blue Vanilla Cake, I was asked if I wanted anything to drink…

With no plan in mind, I made a quick decision to go with the 'Mint Pear Detox' Juice.

I went and took a seat outside amongst the lush green outdoor garden… but had hardly any time to mindlessly scroll on phone, the food was brought out THAT quickly! Winning!

The lovely girls at Health Freak were even happy enough to snap a pic of me (looking excited) for my meal, which was a plus. Thanks Ladies!

After snapping some photos for the gram (since it all just looked too good to eat) I decided to do exactly that. Eat.

First came the juice test.

Not normally a huge fan of juices as I sometimes find them too sweet, I was delightfully surprised with the fresh and slightly sweet Mint Pear Detox juice! Filled with mint, pear, spinach, celery, and lemon, I think it was the best freshly squeezed juice that I have ever sipped…

Next I moved on to the Mexican Nacho Bowl. A beautiful rainbow of goodness it was. Baked artisan tortilla chips, diced onion and red tomato, red capsicum, jalapenos, black beans and of course my favorites…. Avocado and sour cream!

I dove right in to the dish and managed to fit a little bit of everything onto one chip and elegantly shove it in my mouth. It was the perfect balance of creamy, fresh, spicy, crunchy and weighty. I enjoyed every minute of this meal. Would. Definitely. Eat. Again!

Now for the finale…


It had been subtly sparking at me in the corner of my eye throughout my meal. It was a gorgeous (or should I say magical) blue colour thanks to the world's gift of blue spirulina. Topped with edible flowers and glittery icing, it was insanely Instagram worthy!

I slid my tiny fork into that baby and took my first bite.

My gosh.

I had to put the fork down and take a moment to appreciate it's magical goodness.

The filling was so smooth. Like… I had never tasted anything so smooth before. And the taste was, I hate to say it but… MAGICAL.

Combined with the rough texture of the cacao and nut base, made it PERFECTLY balanced on the taste buds.

As I slowly enjoyed polishing off of the rest of the cake, I took the time to appreciate and be grateful for simply being alive to enjoy the little moments like these in my life.

I have come so far in my journey, and it feels good to be getting closer and closer to my best life every day.

The outdoor area at the Joondalup location is open, airy, light, bright and speckled with greenery all around.

After it was all over and I was back in my car, I so badly wanted to head back in and pick up some takeaway for dinner.

But sadly, I had an appointment to get to.

Until next time, Health Freak café.

In the mean time, I shall see you in my dreams.