My FREAK-ING delicious after-shop lunch stop

I am beyond happy to be collaborating with Health Freak to help them promote their amazing new menu!

Health Freak Café has been a favourite of mine for many years. I love the fact that they cater for different diets such as gluten free, vegan, keto, and paleo.

They also list the nutritional info for most of their food. What I love about this is if you're watching what you eat, you can still eat out! Just visit a health freak location and you will know EXACTLY what it is your ordering. Their food is nutritious, filling, but most of all, FREAK-ING DELICIOUS!

This week, I headed down to Cockburn Central for a spot of shopping, and took a well-deserved lunch break at the Health Freak Café located on the outside of the shopping centre. It was super easy to find, which was a huge plus for me.

I really should have checked out their menu online before arriving, because there is SO MUCH to choose from!

I decided to go with what I was craving and chose the Mexican loaded sweet potato fries. Safe to say this was a great decision! I mean just check out the photo… Drool much?

The Mexican loaded sweet potato fries, as the name says, were loaded up with black beans, avocado, jalapenos, onion and tomato. All of this for less than 400 calories! How good does it look?! Well, it tasted even better to be honest! Would. Get. Again!

I also decided to go for a juice again, since I had such a good experience last time. I went with the Slimmer juice which had Orange, Lemon, Beetroot, Spinach and Carrot… ANOTHER JUICE WIN FOR MWA! It wasn't too sweet, and was so perfectly balanced. I also loved the frothy-froth-froth sitting on the top.

As we all know, healthy eating isn't just about eating chicken and broccoli. You have to feed your soul too! This is why I love trying out the raw treats at health Freak. Last time I was the opposite of dissapointed, if anything, surprised with how good my dessert was! Who knew raw treats could be so good.

Of course, I had to try another one!

This time I went with the lemon and coconut slice. This realy was a gorgeous balance of nutty, coconutty, creamy and lemony. I think I may be forming an obsession with these raw treats!

What I love about the Cockburn location is how easy it is to stop for a coffee and cake, a meal and juice, or even better, snatching up one of their takeaway meals on your way out after a shopping trip. I don't know about you guys, but shopping drains the energy right out of me!!

I am just SO EXCITED for my next Health Freak Café visit! Let me know… What should I order next time?! I need your suggestions. I am suffering from 'too many healthy but delicious choices' overload!! Check out the menu here and let me know!