My next level Remedial Massage experience at Elements Bodyworks Claremont

I wanted to share my experience getting a remedial massage at element bodyworks in Claremont.

Mostly, because it would be selfish of me to keep this one all to myself. I mean, just look at my face in the photo above... I think that is the perfect representation of how I felt after the massage.

As you all know, I suffer with back pain (a bulged lumbar disc to be exact) and recovering and getting back to being active is one of my biggest goals right now.

I wanna be able to jump around like an excited puppy if I want to.

I wanna have my back feel as good as a 4 year old's.

But most of all I want to pick up my small friends when I hug them.

Feeling a bit nervous, I headed on down to see Kristy at Elements Bodyworks for a 60-minute remedial massage.

I was nervous because I didn’t know if this was going to help me on my journey to recovery, or aggregate my back further.

First of all, the location in Claremont was beautiful. Think gorgeous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, nice smelly spa smells, and my fav… chill spa tunes.

Kristy was super easy to talk to, and I felt instantly comfortable.

Once she started working her talented hands, I was instantly taken back by how amazing her technique was. Her massage skills are NEXT LEVEL.

I personally am SUPER PICKY about massages. I love them dearly but hate getting them from people who don’t have proper technique.

Now Kristy has raised the bar even higher when it comes to my standards.

I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing?

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go to another remedial massage therapist.

My muscles felt like they were tight fists being released to become open hands.

I went for a walk afterwards and can honestly say I haven’t felt so good since before I bulged my disc over a year ago. Usually when I go for walks, I feel super tight and awkward through my hips and back. This is exactly where Kristy worked her magic, and her potion definitely worked. This massage definitely has HELPED me on my journey to recovering my back.

Kristy is also a super interesting person. We chatted about her world travels and about how she lived on a remote island in Fiji for a few years where they had no money or shops. How cool is that?! She had to go fishing before EVERY MEAL just to eat!

One more thing which I absolutely loved about my experience at Elements Bodyworks was the knowledge that was shared with me about my body.

Kristy has over 10 years experience in remedial massage and can really read your body during a massage. She let me know where I was needing to work on and stretch, which areas were holding built up of fascia, and answered any and all of my complicated questions with passion. This is important for me, because I’m kinda like a curious child at times, and sometimes begin rapid firing questions out of curiosity.

For example, when I sliced my thumb open last year, the emergency doctor wasn’t as passionate as I had hoped. I couldn’t help asking him why blood smells though. I just couldn’t. Plus a million other questions that probably left him feeling exhausted.

Anyway, I would highly recommend going to see Kristy at Elements Bodyworks for a remedial massage if you have tight areas around your body, are recovering from an injury or just enjoy a well done massage with an expert in the field.

Kristy is super friendly and I’m sure she’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. She also shares heaps of valuable information on her Instagram page @elements_bodyworks. I’d recommend giving her a follow if you're interested in how your musculoskeletal system works! I have learnt so much about my body just from watching her stories.

I am counting down the days until I get to be ‘kneaded out’ by Kristy again. I'm Probably more excited for my next massage than I am for my travel count downs… Now that's a first.

I hope you all get to experience a massage like this at least once in your lives. If not, I’ll pray for ya.

Ella out ✌️