My relationship status with pancakes has been updated...

My relationship with pancakes has always been up and down.

Society pushes pancakes as if they are the holy grail of foods. Like they are the silver lining of life.

But for me, they have always left me questioning why everyone is obsessed with them. To me, they are just a 'dry breakfast cake'.

Like seriously where's the icing at?

Never the less, today at Health Freak Café in Scarborough, I decided to veer straight out of my comfort zone and enter the universe of the 'dry breakfast cake'.

After all, I love trying new things and proving myself wrong.

I ended up going for the 'keto blueberry pancakes'...

It was preeeeeetty exciting when these pancakes were served.

They were beautifully presented, topped with fresh mascarpone, berry compote and scattered with fresh strawberries.

When it came to the taste test I was super impressed. The actual pancakes weren't too sweet which was PERFECTION when paired with the sweet berries and creamy mascarpone.

I opted for a matcha latte to wash it all down. If you've never had one before, I highly suggest heading in to your closest Health Freak Café and ordering one TODAY. I think this hot green drink is my new winter fav!

After I finished I was having a read of the menu and I realised the pancakes had less than 400 calories. I felt as if I had just indulged, but as it turns out they were totally health-freak-afied!!!

Truly another great experience at Health Freak, leaving me once again, longing for my next visit.

Until next time, my freaky, healthy love <3

Ella out ✌️