Netflix & Brain Kill?

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

My beloved netflix.

I first joined back around the time I gained all that weight. Ya know, the 60kgs in 8 months I am always raving about? Yeah. That time.

Don't get me wrong, Netflix is amazing. It is basically never ending entertainment for the cost of a couple coffees per month.

The problem I am going to talk about here isn't with Netflix. The problem here is only when YOU have a problem within yourself.

If you are living a well-balanced life, Netflix can definitely be something enjoyed in moderation.

It's when you're trying to accomplish things in your life, and you are spending your down time watching Netflix. Or even worse, putting off what you should be doing, and instead, diving straight for the couch in a bid to escape your responsibilities.

So, as you all know I am on a journey of manifesting my dream life. Therefore I am always actively trying to learn and improve myself in order to reach these goals. Because we all know the saying…

"Repeating the same actions and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity"

- Albert Einstein

Something I have been learning about more lately is utilising the law of attraction on my journey. I recently started following a law of attraction guru and self-made multi millionaire named Kathrin Zenkina, AKA 'Manifestation Babe', AKA My new favourite role model.

One night, I was having a stalk on her website and I came across a quiz titled 'what type of manifester are you'?

I went ahead and took the quiz, and one of the questions asked me how I spent my evenings, and the answers were something along the lines of this…

a) Watching YouTube/Netflix until passing out

b) Reading, journaling and being intentional

c) Doing yoga and being active

You know when you're filling out quizzes and the answers are kinda' subjective, and it's like… Which one do I answer? Coz I am kinda both... But I wanna formulate the correct results. LUL.

Well, I realised, I currently am the person that 'passes out watching Netflix'. But also, that IS NOT who I want to be, nor who I feel like I am deep inside. That person to me is someone who isn't passionate about life, improving them self, or working towards their dreams.

So, I decided, instead of picking Netflix, I would pick being mindful, because that is who I feel like I am. Also, I decided in that moment I would stop watching Netflix, and then when I was ready, I would completely cancel my account.

When I completed the quiz I felt like the results were so spot on. It was really helpful to read tips and tricks on being successful as my type of manifestor, and it just confirmed my new break through even more.

So, slowly but surely, over the next few weeks I began reducing my Netflix watching before I was ready to cancel it completely.

Doing anything cold turkey is usually not a good idea, and this gradual and intentional change of habit worked really well for me.

When I finally cancelled my Netflix and didn’t have it anymore, I realised how addicted I really was and how it had consumed my life, my energy and my free time SO MUCH. I now see that the amount of time I spent on Netflix was truly a waste of my life, and slowing down my path to reach my goals and in turn succeed.

Watching Netflix releases Dopamine due to the instant gratification. The thing is, watching Netflix in excess has no benefit to us as humans whatsoever. If anything, it can make us worse off.

When I finally cancelled my account, I instantly felt that I was fighting addictive symptoms. It was pretty uncomfortable at first. But now, I have noticed increased energy, increased creativity, increased self-awareness and so much more.

I definitely plan to join back up to Netflix at some point in the future. But I will only watch it IN MODERATION.

Besides, Netflix will always be there. It can wait until I am a super successful millionaire and have time for some (moderated) Netflix & chill. This might make me sound a bit like ya' Nanna, but to be honest, I would rather be a Nanna than a mindless zombie.

The funny thing is, I used to spend my nights watching Netflix mindlessly. Now that I can't do that, I feel so much more intentional, more human, and more in touch with myself. Now I see I was using Netflix as a way to 'check out' from the world, rather than a healthy pass time.

Heck, I wouldn’t be writing this blog at 8pm at night if I still had Netflix, I can tell you that much.


Having a break from Netflix was super revitalising for my productivity levels. it allowed me to reevaluate my time, how productive I was being, and how much time I was net-crastinating (Procrastinating and watching Netflix instead of doing important tasks). I have now rejoined Netflix and I always watch it in moderation now! WOOOOOO to personal growth!

Ella out ✌️