Sticks and stones will break your bones and words WILL ALSO hurt you

STICKS AND STONES WILL BREAK MY BONES BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT M- yesssss they damn will if you don’t have a cement hard relationship with yourself! .⁣ ⁣

Once upon a time my self worth was so fragile that it was dependant on others opinions.⁣

One day I would be feeling on top of the world after receiving a compliment from a stranger, and the next I would be in a pit of despair after someone said something that hurt my feelings.⁣

Eeeeeep. Looking back on this is was SO SAD.⁣

I actually remember one specific comment from a boss of mine that broke me…⁣

This boss was one of the most successful people I knew. I looked up to them. I respected them. I trusted them (to an extent).⁣

I decided to open up about my curiosity in studying at university. Perhaps PR & Journalism? ⁣

She turned around with a face of doubt and embarrassment.⁣

“Honey, you can hardly speak English let alone go into that field” she laughed.⁣


The thoughts going through my head were:⁣

😰This successful person doesn’t think I can be successful so they must be right⁣

😟Wtf? Me no speakeh da goodeh English? Me never knew dis? ⁣

🤓I’m stupid⁣

😔I will never amount to anything ⁣

Why did I feel this way?⁣

Because I had a low self esteem. I had no trust, worth, or belief in myself. ⁣

Now? ⁣

My inner confidence is unbreakable. But that didn’t happen overnight. I set it as a priority to build myself the fuck up FROM THE INSIDE. And now I have these foundations cemented in there ready for whatever comments people throw my way.⁣


I see that boss’s opinion was literally IRRELEVANT AND FALSE.⁣

LOOK AT ME NOW LUV. I’ve started multiple successful businesses and I writeh witheh theh englisheh everydayeh on my thriving blog.⁣

So basically I’m trying to say, SAYING the sticks and stones quote WILL NOT MAKE HARSH WORDS LESS PAINFUL. However, building up resilience and mastering your relationship with yourself, will.⁣