The Vegan Girls Night Out!

Vegan shrimp, vegan cake, vegan salami... #MindBlown!

I had the pleasure of representing Health Freak Cafe who was a sponsor for the Vegan Girls Night Out.

It was a high vibe affair held in Fremantle, filled with some seriously inspiration Vegan women.

The vegan cocktails, wine, cider and kombucha were a HUGE HIT for the clan. The cocktails were made with gin, and turns out, I love gin cocktails.

On to the foooooooooood... WOW. I was seriously impressed with the savoury and sweet spread they put on. It was a huge hit and was certainly well devoured by the guests. At one point, they had to restock the platters! #HungryVegans.

The sweet spread was seriously to die for. Filled with cupcakes, donuts, and cookies galore! These treats could easily convert anyone to vegan in a heart beat.

On to the panel speakers. I was totally inspired. All of the women had different reasons for going vegan ranging from a cancer diagnosis, to rheumatoid arthritis, to environmental concerns. Their stories seriously wowed me and opened up an entire can of worms of curiosity for me. I am seriously interested in exploring more about the plant-based diet!

My favourite thing about this event was the community vibe. Everyone was so chill, it was like they were all a big family!

At the end of the night, we all happily parted ways with a bag full of goodies (Including Health Freak Cafe Vouchers... for all your vegan dining needs), and a belly full of vegan goodness!

If they ever repeat this event, I will be the first one to buy a ticket! Although I'm not vegan, the night was truly amazing, and inspirational.

Ella out <3