What the heck is binge eating disorder (B.E.D)?

When I tell people that I managed to gain over 60kgs/135lbs in 2016 due to B.E.D, they are generally shocked, confused and asking what the hell happened. When I explain that I have a binge eating disorder, they look at me even more confused. Understanding the vocabulary, but unaware of the symptoms or details of the disorder.

Binge eating and binge eating disorder are totally different things. Overindulging on holiday is totally normal and doesn’t mean you have binge eating disorder, just like having a big night out doesn’t mean you’re an alcoholic!

I would like to shed some light on what Binge eating disorder actually is. Binge eating sufferers are determined by eating large amounts of food in short periods of time and being unable to stop. Binge eaters often keep eating well past the point of feeling full. These binges are frequent, usually at least once a week for 3 months in a row. Somebody eating a week’s worth of food in two or three days due to lack of control on a regular basis is most likely suffering a binge eating disorder.

Binge eating disorder is a mental disorder and an addiction rooting from the way our brain works. The constant and relentless urges to eat eventually wear out the binge eaters willpower, causing them to give in to the urge. Often then continuing the binging episode no matter how full.

Hiding or stealing food is another common trait for Binge eating disorder sufferers. Just as drug addicts often lie and steal to feed their addiction. Faced with binge eating cravings, binge eaters may go to extreme lengths to get access to food that they crave…. Even eat food out of the bin. Just as a smoker attempting to quit might pick up an unknown cigarette off of the ground and smoke it. B.E.D sufferers usually binge when alone for obvious reasons. These behaviours often cause severe guilt, embarrassment and shame for the binge eater. Luckily being addicted to food is a tad cheaper than cigarettes or drugs, so I didn’t need to steal to fuel my addiction. Although I did spend a shocking amount of money per week on my weekly (or should I say daily) grocery shop and takeaway run.

Most importantly, there is nobody to blame for binge eating disorder, especially not the binge eaters themselves. We certainly did not ask for this from the universe. I personally struggled to come to terms with the fact I had this disorder, even considered burning my tongue with a hair straightener.

Having binge eating disorder does not make you a victim, but it does make you a survivor. Those of you who suffer from binge eating disorder might be asking… Can my B.E.D be fixed? The answer is yes. B.E.D is predominantly a psychological issue, often treated with cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). CBT aims to transform negative thoughts and eating habits and change the way the brain responds to food. Battling subconscious habits of the brain is the hardest challenge for B.E.D sufferers.

Guys, I would realy LOVE to hear from you! Do you suffer from this disorder or know somebody that does? What was one of the times that binge eating realy debilitated your life? Let me know in the comments below!