Why your insecurities aren't real.

What if people told you everyday how much they love *insert your biggest insecurity here*?⁣

Would you still hate that part of yourself?⁣

Or would you begin to fall in love with it?⁣

I used to hate my hands. I thought they were manly - also my middle fingers are crooked 😂. Then people started complimenting them saying they were so nice, so long, so feminine… And my perception completely changed and they were no longer an insecurity. But afterwards I realised I was holding myself back in life because of something so stupid and irrelevant. I would hide my hands in photos. Avoid holding hands with boys. My insecurities held me back so much.⁣

The truth is, insecurities are just perceptions you have about yourself. Whether they are true, or they are false, whatever you believe will be your reality.⁣

What if Lizzo’s perception was that she was too fat, too black, too loud to become a chart topping artist?⁣

What if JK Rowling’s perception of herself was she was too inexperienced, too old, to boring to become one of the worlds most rich and famous writers?⁣

What if you’re perception of yourself is holding you back from greatness? From your dreams? From everything you’ve ever wanted? ⁣

How will you feel if you never take the leap into achieving your dreams because you don’t believe you can do it?⁣

I know how you’ll feel. You’ll look back on your life and be filled with regrets, but time is precious and there won’t be much left. Hating yourself for letting your fears hold you back. Embarrassed by the legacy you leave behind.⁣

Imagine the pride and achievement you could feel looking back on your life, having achieved everything you’ve ever dreamed? And been the best person you could have possibly been? ⁣