I help women take goals from their minds, and turn them into reality.

Being an online coach means I'm able to help women from all over the world via 1:1 coaching as well as group programs.


My coaching specialties include:

  • Binge eating recovery

  • Self-love and emotional mastery

  • Happiness and inner-fulfillment 

Kayla Stinhart

"I quit binge eating in only a few weeks. After 20 years of doing it I thought it was impossible, but boy was I wrong!! I would encourage anybody struggling with binging to learn this formula!


I always felt like such a fraud working in the fitness industry only to go home and binge eat… Now I eat like a normal person and feel fantastic!" 

Fitness professional, Perth, Australia

Maggie Knight

Health care worker, Brisbane, Australia

"I can't thank you enough for sharing your formula. I've stopped binge eating and I have also started losing weight without trying which is crazy to me. My life has improved in other areas too just like you said it would.


I go clothes shopping with ease, I'm at peace with food, I feel more clear in my mind, and I even have a boyfriend for the first time ever. Looking back I can't believe how much the binging was ruining my life and bringing me down. I am so much happier now." 

Heidi Lude

Shift worker. Victoria, Australia

I worked with Eloise for 10 weeks and my life has completely changed. I was stuck in a rut of binge eating, sleeping, and never leaving the house except for work. I had trouble sleeping and would binge in the middle of the night. I would eat McDonalds in secret, feel bad about it and then binge on more. I had no quality of life and it was actually quite scary. I think a was a bit depressed too. My confidence was so low and I never wanted to leave the house in fear of being judged and what people would think of me. I started following Eloise on Instagram and learned about what Binge Eating was and realised I had it too. I saw that she had been through so much similar stuff to me, that I thought, if she can go through all that and come out with a positive outcome, I can too. I signed up to work with her and never looked back.


My life is so different, and I am like a new person. My psychologist even said it looks like I've gained confidence and a sassy new attitude. This was a realisation moment for me, just seeing how far I have really come. How has my life changed? Where should I start. I have completely stopped binge eating, after doing it every day for as long as I can remember I feel like a brand new person. I never realised how sick and lethargic the binge eating made me feel. Now I feel light and energetic. I used to eat so much chocolate every single day, and I couldn’t stop. Now, I can easily keep chocolate in the house like a normal person.


I have also naturally lost weight. I used to be so obsessed with trying to lose weight and work out and got nowhere, and thanks to everything Eloise taught me I'm naturally losing weight. It feels so good and I can't believe I was doing it so wrong for so long. I now walk my dog every day without fail, and also cook and prep my meals instead of getting takeaway. My confidence in myself has changed so much. I used to be so embarrassed of myself, and wear daggy clothes and uncomfortable shapewear. Now, I dress in beautiful clothes and dresses and feel so good and love going out! I also get so many compliments now which I think is down to how happy I feel on the inside, it is showing on the outside. Last week I went out in a new dress, and was getting heaps of compliments, and I felt so good and like nobody was judging me. I haven't felt that way in public in 10 years. I also kind of don’t mind seeing myself naked. I used to avoid it at all costs but now it's just kind of normal and I don’t mind seeing it.


Nurse, Perth, Australia

All I can say is … THANK YOU! Thank you for believing in me and changing my life. I have been a binge eater as long as I can remember, as early as 15 years old – that’s nearly 12 years! And in the 10 weeks we worked together, you managed to stop 12 years of unhealthy eating habits and I have never felt better.


I would binge every week, if not more than once a week, and within 3 weeks of coaching with you I had stopped. 10 weeks on and I can’t remember the last time I had an episode! That is insane! I honestly never thought I would get to this point.


I know there will be times where I will slip up and have an episode but thanks to you I now have all the tools I need to get back on track and not beat myself up for it. I love embracing my new life as Jess 2.0 – I have a long way to go but because of you I have already achieved so much and I know that I can continue to achieve so much more! I am achieving food freedom, I now eat foods I want to eat and limit what most people classify as “bad” foods only based on if I feel like them, not out of guilt or not “needing” it.


I no longer eat something and feel disgusted with myself or hate myself for eating a little bit too much, I no longer think “f*ck it, I’m already fat so why not keep stuffing my face?” – now I stop when I’m satisfied. Of all the things I accomplished from working with you, that is the thing I am most proud of! I cannot thank you enough for giving me back my life. Love, Jess xx


Mother, UK

“I was binge eating every 2/3 days and since I started working with Eloise I haven’t binged at all.


Knowing she’s always there for a quick reply to a question or a bit of support has helped me immensely! Thank you so much Eloise!”


"She has helped me have massive breakthroughs in understanding what's going on in my head, and breakthrough confidence barriers and comfort zone barriers. There was one particular session where, in the beginning of the session I felt very closed-off and negative.


We got talking about some beliefs that were very triggering for me, and she very patiently yet implacably forced me to move through a really amazing process, and by the end of that process, I was quite literally a different person. I said to her, this is amazing. I've literally gone from depressed, sad and scared, to being open and excited, happy and raring to go. I can't recommend her more! She is really, really amazing. Her communication is really, really clear. She's super focused, and she does not let you go sideways when you need to be going forward! If you are looking for a coach who will hold you really accountable and not take any bullshit and really help you break through the stuff that's holding you back, Eloise is the coach to go for. Thank you so much Eloise, I don't know where I'd be without you."



"I have nothing but praise to give you. So far you have provided me with so much confidence in myself and you've helped me believe in myself in a way that I didn't know was possible. You helped me see the version of myself that I truly want to be in this world.


Your skills as a coach are incredible. You are just amazing. I have to say thank you times a million because right now I am the happiest I've ever been and I am just so ready for everything that is to come, and I am so grateful I will have you by my side. I am so grateful for you coming into my life. Every word of wisdom and piece of advice that you give me is something that I will keep and cherish."


"Before working with Eloise I was feeling a lot of different things. Social anxiety, body dysmorphia, worthlessness, struggling with friendships etc. I met up with Ella and we went through some of the issues I had been thinking in my head.


She made me realise a lot of them are lies I am telling myself, and also because I've been overthinking and making up negative things in my head I have been attracting more of what I don't want into my life. We went through each situation in depth and we went through positive ways to change those situations. Now I feel motivated and like I know who I am, and like I shouldn't care what people think. I feel like I know my worth, and that I feel really positive, happy and valued. So thanks Ella!"



"I had lost a lot independence after having kids, and I've reached the point where my kids are starting to go off to school. So I have been thinking about what I want to do, which has left me overthinking a lot. I'd never really considered speaking to a coach before, but went ahead and booked a call with El.


It was just amazing from just one simple phone call with her, we were able to work out what my main goal and dream job was. She was able to listen through all my confusion and non-stop talking and she was actually able to pin point the important things and the things I actually want. Now I'm able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I feel a lot more confident in reaching my dream goal because of the guidance she showed me. I definitely recommend a phone call with El, just her skills and her knowledge are fantastic, I couldn't recommend anyone else!"


United States

"Eloise is very compassionate, positive and very thoughtful towards helping you out through life's sticky situations. She gives really thoughtful advice and really cares about improving your situations. She has a lot of knowledge to share, I really enjoy and find value through her coaching!"