I help women take dreams in their head and turn them into dreams in their hands.


Dreaming about holidaying in Thailand is one thing, but actually being there? THAT is what life is all about!


"She has helped me have massive breakthroughs in understanding what's going on in my head, and breakthrough confidence barriers and comfort zone barriers. There was one particular session where, in the beginning of the session I felt very closed-off and negative.


We got talking about some beliefs that were very triggering for me, and she very patiently yet implacably forced me to move through a really amazing process, and by the end of that process, I was quite literally a different person. I said to her, this is amazing. I've literally gone from depressed, sad and scared, to being open and excited, happy and raring to go. I can't recommend her more! She is really, really amazing. Her communication is really, really clear. She's super focused, and she does not let you go sideways when you need to be going forward! If you are looking for a coach who will hold you really accountable and not take any bullshit and really help you break through the stuff that's holding you back, Eloise is the coach to go for. Thank you so much Eloise, I don't know where I'd be without you."


"I have nothing but praise to give you. So far you have provided me with so much confidence in myself and you've helped me believe in myself in a way that I didn't know was possible. You helped me see the version of myself that I truly want to be in this world.


Your skills as a coach are incredible. You are just amazing. I have to say thank you times a million because right now I am the happiest I've ever been and I am just so ready for everything that is to come, and I am so grateful I will have you by my side. I am so grateful for you coming into my life. Every word of wisdom and piece of advice that you give me is something that I will keep and cherish."


"Before working with Eloise I was feeling a lot of different things. Social anxiety, body dysmorphia, worthlessness, struggling with friendships etc. I met up with Ella and we went through some of the issues I had been thinking in my head.


She made me realise a lot of them are lies I am telling myself, and also because I've been overthinking and making up negative things in my head I have been attracting more of what I don't want into my life. We went through each situation in depth and we went through positive ways to change those situations. Now I feel motivated and like I know who I am, and like I shouldn't care what people think. I feel like I know my worth, and that I feel really positive, happy and valued. So thanks Ella!"

"I had lost a lot independence after having kids, and I've reached the point where my kids are starting to go off to school. So I have been thinking about what I want to do, which has left me overthinking a lot. I'd never really considered speaking to a coach before, but went ahead and booked a call with El.


It was just amazing from just one simple phone call with her, we were able to work out what my main goal and dream job was. She was able to listen through all my confusion and non-stop talking and she was actually able to pin point the important things and the things I actually want. Now I'm able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I feel a lot more confident in reaching my dream goal because of the guidance she showed me. I definitely recommend a phone call with El, just her skills and her knowledge are fantastic, I couldn't recommend anyone else!"

"Eloise is very compassionate, positive and very thoughtful towards helping you out through life's sticky situations. She gives really thoughtful advice and really cares about improving your situations. She has a lot of knowledge to share, I really enjoy and find value through her coaching!"