I help women take dreams in their head and turn them into dreams in their hands.

Dreaming about holidaying in Thailand is one thing, but actually being there? THAT is what life is all about!

Public Speaking | Events

I am here to bring all the VIBES to your event whether it's delivering speeches (with as many belly laughs as possible), appearing on interview panels, being your MC or hosting events & workshops…  

Popular topics I speak about include mental health, confidence, body positivity, and personal development. For more information, feel free to request my speaker kit.

Social Media Sponsorships 

With my humorous disposition and raw and real-ness, I've accumulated quite the following on social media where I share everything about my life and journey to happiness.


I pride myself on only working with brands I love, so my followers know I'm fo' real when I rave about a product or service! For more information, feel free to request my media kit.

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